EV Charger

Terra AC wallbox

It wasn’t built today. It was built 130 years ago.
Brought to you by the global experts in smart mobility, smart buildings and smart homes, the Terra AC wallbox is built on ABB’s 130-year heritage of accessible technology leadership for safe, smart and sustainable electrification and informed by our comprehensive expertise in e-mobility.

Terra AC wallbox

Changing system. Charging future

Evmax is a company focused on electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. They aim to support the transition to electric mobility by offering comprehensive EV charging solutions. These solutions are scalable, flexible, and modular, designed to grow with customers' needs. Evmax's core business includes EV Charge Solutions, EV Charge Network, CMS Application (Ev Max), and Solar Energy Systems. They emphasize their mission of building a sustainable, customer-centric organization and their vision to become a Global Growth Company. Additionally, they offer services like EVmax Care for maintenance and support of charging equipment