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        Elevate Your Air Quality with Green Home's Advanced Ventilation Solutions Welcome to Green Home, where innovation meets the essential need for fresh and healthy air in your living and working spaces. Our premium range of ventilation fans is not just a product; it's a promise of enhanced air quality, energy efficiency, and a harmonious blend of functionality and design. We understand that each space has its unique ventilation requirements, and our diverse product line is crafted to meet these varied needs with precision and style.

Our range of ventilation fans is designed to ensure that your home or office enjoys fresh, clean air all day long.

Why Green Home?
  • Innovative Solutions: At Green Home, we are at the forefront of ventilation technology. Our fans are designed using the latest advancements in airflow mechanics and energy efficiency, ensuring that you receive the best of modern innovation in every product.
  • Health and Comfort: Indoor air quality directly impacts health and comfort. Our fans are designed to remove contaminants, control humidity, and reduce the risk of airborne diseases, providing you with a safer and more comfortable living environment.
  • Eco-Conscious Approach: We are deeply committed to sustainability. Our products are designed to minimize environmental impact, offering energy-saving features that help reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your spaces fresh and well-ventilated.
Whether it's the quiet and efficient operation of our BPT Series ceiling exhaust fans, the versatility and robustness of our APB Series wall-mounted square fans, or the stylish energy efficiency of our APC Series wall-mounted round fans, each model in our lineup is a testament to our commitment to quality, performance, and style.Transform your home or office with Green Home Ventilation Fans, where each breath is a step towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

Green Home Range

Available in three series– the sleek BPT Series for ceiling integration, the sturdy APB Series for versatile wall mounting, and the elegantly designed APC Series for stylish round wall applications – each model caters to different aesthetic and functional needs while upholding Green Home's standards of excellence in air quality and energy efficiency.

Ceiling Exhaust Fans - BPT Series
  • Innovative Design: Our BPT series ceiling exhaust fans feature a sleek, modern design that fits seamlessly into any ceiling.
  • Efficient Performance: Engineered for high performance, these fans effectively remove stale air, moisture, and odors, ensuring a fresh environment.
  • Quiet Operation: Enjoy a peaceful ambiance with our ultra-quiet motor technology, making them perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and office spaces.
  • Size: 6, 8, 10 and 12 Inch.

Wall Mount Square Fans - APB Series
  • Versatile Installation: The APB series offers easy installation in various settings, whether it's a kitchen, bathroom, or utility room.
  • Robust Build: Constructed with durable materials, these square fans are designed to withstand everyday use and provide long-lasting ventilation.
  • Optimal Airflow: Experience consistent and powerful airflow that effectively circulates air and manages humidity levels.
  • Size: 6, 8 and 10 Inch.
Wall Mount Round Fans - APC Series
  • Contemporary Style: Our round fans boast a stylish, contemporary design, adding a touch of elegance to any wall.
  • Energy Efficient: The APC series is built for energy efficiency, offering high-performance ventilation while keeping energy costs down.
  • Easy Maintenance: These fans are designed for hassle-free maintenance, ensuring they continue to operate at peak efficiency with minimal effort.
  • Size : 6 and Inch.


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